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Field excursion: Geography around the world

Having spent almost nine hours on the bus in the morning at about 8 am we arrived at the port in France where we got to Great Britain by ferry from. Most of us were very tired because sleeping in the bus was not that easy but we really enjoyed the view at the chalk cliffs coming nearer and nearer we would not have seen if we had taken the plane.

One prejudice about England is that the weather is often bad and that it rains most of the time.

This was also our thought when around midday we finally arrived at our hotel in Hastings, a town at the seaside in southern England. Having been allowed to explore the town on our own we were thankful about the shopping mall and other places we could stay out of the rain in.

Unfortunately, we had booked a tour of the city, so we had to walk (tired and unmotivated as we were) for about three hours through wind and rain while we were not even able to use our umbrellas.

The trip to Beachy Head the next day was unbelievable because after our arrival the clouds disappeared, the sun shone and it became amazingly warm. But not only the wonderful weather but also the splendid view at the sea and the terrific landscape of Beachy Head made us feel that the trip was one of the highlights of our field excursion.

During the night from the 4th to the 5th of October something disastrous happened: the pier of Hastings near our hotel burned and the next day the area around was filled with smoke.

Later that day we visited Rye, Bodiam Castle, which is just a ruin and a vineyard but regrettably it rained most of the time. Everyone of us being older than eighteen („Of course, they are all eighteen and want to try some wine“) was allowed to taste some wine if we wanted.

On Wednesday we changed the hotel because we stayed in London for the next two days.

All of us looked forward to it because we were excited and hoped for a wonderful finale of our excursion. Luckily, the weather was fine on the last few days. That's why we had a wonderful overview of the whole city when staying in a casing of the "Millenium Wheel" or "London Eye" which is one of the greatest sights in London and you really have to visit it if you come there.

Also, the sightseeing tour with our bus managed by our own guide, Mrs. Leonhardt, was quite interesting because we saw many exciting places and parts of London and got special information on about everything. For some of us the last day was also a highlight of our tour because we went shopping in London.

Admittedly not everything was great on our trip to England aside from the bad weather we had sometimes. We also disliked most of the other students and teachers who came with us on the bus. Moreover, we were happy to leave the second hotel because we did not really like our rooms and the breakfast. Finally, our whole class want to thank our wonderful teachers Mrs. Leonhardt and Ms. Petschak who managed our trip and made this awesome excursion to England possible.


By Lisa Merkert

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